Due to a dramatic increase of orders recently we will be unable to fill orders 
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Our baskets are made by hand one at a time.

Pre-orders are welcome but they may not ship out until December 6th.

Thank you! 

Made in Oregon
   Made in Oregon
Handcrafted Myrtlewood Baskets
Trug Baskets
: From $65.00 to $150.00
The gardener's best friend. Our English style trug is the ultimate carrying basket. Strong, lightweight and stable. Simple elegance and function. A Wall St. Journal 'Gift Pick' for gardeners and the all-time favorite of our friends and family.
Bushel Style Baskets
: From $85.00 to $95.00
Bushel Style Baskets
Fashioned after the classic "bushel style" apple baskets. With a solid wood bottom, this basket is strong enough to tote tools into the garden and return loaded with the harvest.
Bowl Basket
Bowl Baskets
: From $65.00 to $75.00
Bowl Baskets
A pleasing counter top fruit bowl basket. Charming holiday theme basket too...just add flowers, fruit, Easter eggs, pine cones and it's an instant centerpiece! A family keepsake. Use the large size for a pie carrier or yarn basket.
Dory Boats
Dory Boat
: $38.00
Dory Boat
We designed this boat after the drift dories used on the rivers of the Pacific Northwest. The dory has been a big hit - It will put a smile on your face! And it makes a great bread basket too.
Picnic Basket
Picnic Basket
: $395.00
Picnic Basket
Traditional hamper style leather-hinged picnic basket "a real American classic" is made of Oregon Myrtlewood and solid copper. A basket for outings or beautiful roomy storage accessory in the home. Exceptional wedding gift.
We appreciate all the great reviews!

I am absolutely happy with the beautifully crafted garden trugs. Solid proof that fine products continue to be made in America! 

The product was amazing, the customer service was outstanding. I will definately order again! 

The basket, I ordered, is beyond the is fabulous!

You have a remarkably beautiful and well crafted product..... on the size of the trug, we have found it perfectly scaled within the context of the kitchen... always beautiful to look at, especially with an assortment of vegetables in it...  Best, Eric (Eric sent us the photo of the large trug with his beautiful tomato harvest - above right)

Thank you for keeping the tradition going. All of your baskets are beautiful. I have given several picnic baskets as wedding gifts. I truly appreciate your craftsmanship!! Anna

The baskets are beautiful. They are a work of art. I will order these again in the future. Thanks, Mary V.

I just received your beautiful Coos Bay Trugs. I am so glad to discover that such fine quality work still exists. The trugs are beautiful and I will treasure them. I am so happy. I needed them for cutting and pruning my rose garden. I will buy more and give them as gifts. They are superb, and I am overjoyed to have them. Yours truly, Barbara M.

This is the 5th Trug I have bought from you. This one is for my son's wedding. I can only thank you for making such a wonderful product that I am proud to give to family and friends. Art C. .

We build the baskets one at a time.... by hand, with Oregon Myrtle, a beautiful hardwood, solid copper nails and clear mineral oil for a stunning natural finish. True working baskets of heirloom quality.
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