Bushel Style Baskets

: From $95.00 to $115.00
: Made in the USA

Fashioned after the classic "bushel style" basket. With a solid wood bottom, this basket is strong enough to tote tools into the garden and return loaded with the harvest. This sturdy basket is a handsome storage accessory for magazines, knitting or kindling.

Solid copper bale style handle with a turned wood grip.

Material: Myrtlewood / Copper
Color: Variations from satiny gray to shades of red, yellow and brown
Finish: Food safe mineral oil
Dimensions: 1/2 Bushel (Lg) 13W X 10H
                     1/4 Bushel (Sm) 11W x 8H
We build the baskets one at a time.... by hand, with Oregon Myrtle, a beautiful hardwood, solid copper nails and clear mineral oil for a stunning natural finish. True working baskets of heirloom quality.
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