Dory Boat

Dory Boats
: $45.00
Item Number: 08-DB
: Made in the USA
We designed this boat after the drift dories used on the rivers of the Pacific Northwest. Just the right size for a serving basket; rolls or bread, chips, and fruit basket. Napkins and utensils in the dory adds charm to the table. A bottle of wine or special goodies for a delightful gift basket.

It is a handy shape and fun - everybody loves it!

Materials: Myrtlewood
Finish: Clear food safe mineral oil
Dimensions: 18L X 8W X 4H
We build the baskets one at a time.... by hand, with Oregon Myrtle, a beautiful hardwood, solid copper nails and clear mineral oil for a stunning natural finish. True working baskets of heirloom quality.
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