Large Garden Trug

: $110.00
My trug gets a work out at our place. True working basket quality.

Sturdy, lightweight and stable, the ultimate carrying basket. Elegant in style, it is a lovely counter top or table basket for fruit, vegetables and flowers. Picnic or beach basket, magazine basket, host basket, market basket; the list goes on.

A Wall St. Journal 'Gift Pick' for gardeners and the all-time favorite of our friends and family.

Material: Oregon Myrtlewood / fastened with solid copper nails
Color: Variations from satiny gray to shades of red, yellow and brown
Finish: Clear food safe mineral oil
Dimensions: Lg Trug 20L X 12W X 10H

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Set of Two Trugs - Save $10
: $180.00
Set of Two Trugs  - Save $10
Nested set of two trugs. Buy one basket.....second basket $10 off! A large and a small trug nest perfectly and ships in one box to the same address. When you can't decide on a size or need a gift ... one for me, one for you!
Small Garden Trug
: $80.00
Small Garden Trug
The gardener's little buddy.
We build the baskets one at a time.... by hand, with Oregon Myrtle, a beautiful hardwood, solid copper nails and clear mineral oil for a stunning natural finish. True working baskets of heirloom quality.
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